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Explaining Matthew 6:26

Q. Can you explain Matthew 6:26?

Matthew 6:26 - Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

A. Dear Friend, Thank you for your question concerning the meaning of Matt 6:26. In this passage (verses 19-34) Jesus gives his followers God’ perspective on wealth. Specifically in verse 26, He reminds us of the Father’s care and provision for his creation so that His people would remember to trust and not be anxious concerning our needs for the basics of life. The apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:6 that we should take all our cares and worries to God in prayer. You may also want to look up verses in the Bible which teach us that we should be good stewards and work to provide for ourselves and our families as well as give to others in need.( I Timothy 5:8 & Matthew 25: 14-15 ) We are to trust God to provide for our needs through our efforts ( He gives us the life and strength to work). Trust and work- both are God’s plan for our lives.

Is Hell Real?

Q. Hi, why do you believe in hell?

A. Dear Friend, thank you for your question about hell. Please know that I am not a Bible scholar, just a person who loves the Lord and His Word, the Bible. I believe in the existence of hell, or a place of eternal separation from God, for two reasons. First, the Bible concordance I have (which is not an exhaustive one) contains 53 references to hell that are present in the Bible. As a believer, if I believe in the heaven of the Bible, then I must believe in the hell of the Bible. The second reason I believe in a place called hell is because the God of the Bible is holy and just. He is the only One who can be completely fair because He is also all-knowing. I personally would have a difficult time trusting and loving a God who did not punish evil. In our world today as in the past horrific examples of Hitler and Stalin, there are so many examples of evil causing great hurt to others. Satan and hell are real and we are wise to cling to the Lord and revere and love Him for the amazing and good God that He is.

Do Christians Follow All the Laws of the Old Testament?

Q. How come Christians don't follow the laws of the old testament? i thought they were eternal?

A. Dear Friend, Thank you for your recent question concerning following the Old Testament Laws. Certainly, the Ten Commandments are to be followed and the other judicial laws contained in the Old Testament are the basis for Western Civilization's judicial code. The dietary and health laws set standards for healthy living. The restrictions on certain foods was lifted from Christian practice when Peter received the vision in Acts 10:9-22 and Paul's writings in Romans 14 & I Tim 4:3. Of course, the ceremonial laws for worship of God were fulfilled in Jesus. I hope this helps; I am not a Bible Scholar, just someone who loves the Lord. Following God's ways are a matter of the heart for which the Ten Commandments give us solid guidelines. I hope you will continue to seed His ways in His Word. God Bless.

Dealing with Scars of the Past

Q. How do you deal and heal from the scars of the past?

A. Dear Friend, I am so glad that you are a believer and attend church regularly. You have every hope of becoming all that God meant you to be and heal from the scars of your past as you grow to know the Lord better and fellowship with other believers. I love the passage in Isaiah 9:6 as it refers to the Lord as our “Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace” and also in Psalm 84:5-7 where the Valley of Bacca is known as a valley of trouble in Israel’s history. You did not mention the specific hurts you have experienced but know that the Lord has equipped His people to help each other and that there are Christian counselors who can help you to work through the areas where you may still need some assistance. Google “American Association of Christian Counselors” (AACC) for further resources. The Lord cares for you and can use these experiences in your life for good so that you can be a compassionate and strong helper of others in similar circumstances. I will pray for you that you will be led to those who can help you.

Why is Satan referred to as "The Day Star"?


Hello, and thank you for emailing us. As far as I could find, "Lucifer" only appears once in the Bible in Is. 14:12. The Hebrew for "Lucifer" is literally "shining one" or "morning star". In the context of Is. 14, Isaiah is making a prophecy against a ruler which is debated to be either the ruler of Babylon or Satan or both. Anyways, Isaiah compares this ruler to the morning star (Venus) that appears in the sky but then is extinguished by the sun before reaching its zenith. This ruler that Isaiah is referring to appears to be great but will have a sudden fall. (Zondervan KJV Study Bible) Therefore, Jesus Christ is the true "bright and morning star"(Rev. 22:16) and all others are only counterfeits. I hope this answers your question. May God bless you today.

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Question: Why do we celebrate "Christmas" when it is of a pagan root? also "Easter", it is of a pagan root. Are we not told in the Bible that we are not to partake of anything that is of pagan, or wicked? So how is it that as so called "Christians" we have tried to turn the pagan worship into Christian and holy when it is not? I am a believer of God, but I am confused also. I do understand that just believing is not enough, because even the devil believes and trembles at the word of God. I often wonder how we have gotten so far off the path that we should be following. Any information you send on the so called holidays would truly be helpful. Thanks for taking the time to even read this...Just me, looking for more answers.

This is an excellent question. I am not an expert in history, so please bear with me as I do my best to answer your question. I do not have much information regarding historical Easter, thus, I will focus my response mainly on Christmas. I have heard that Christmas has links to early pagan holidays and rituals, but I believe it has more to do with the dates that it is celebrated rather than with the reason for the celebration. It is true that in ancient Rome a festival was held during the last week of December by pagan sun-worshipers. This festival would probably have been similar to our modern day “Mardi Gras.” From what I’ve read and heard, the early Christians decided to “transform” the festival from an immoral pagan holiday into a Christian celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ. The transition from a pagan holiday into a Christian holiday took a long time, in fact, history has it that the NYPD was formed as a type of riot squad to deal with “Christmas” rioters during this holiday. It is true that the “Christmas” holiday has had some dark moments throughout history, but equally true and amazing is the story of how Jesus was born.