Matters of the Mind



            In last month’s issue we examined the coloration between our thoughts, feelings and actions.  We used an example to show how our feelings many times follow our thinking, and these feelings have a real influence on how we choose to behave.  Since this is true it is very important to our psychological and spiritual well-being to try to see life as accurately [realistically] as we possibly can.  Our perceptions of situations are how we see life.  If we are wrong we generate feelings that are wrong for the situation and we probably act inappropriately.  We have all seen individuals [and probably ourselves] perceive a situation wrong and overreact.  We might think or say “I wonder where that came from”.  The question we need to ask in this article is “is Sue’s perception of herself, in light of an older sister that is popular, correct?”  If it is incorrect then she may be suffering needlessly.

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Depression: Walking In The Shadows [Part 2]

          Sue was not alone in her struggle with depression.  As many as 8% of the population of the United States struggle with depression and this equals millions of individuals who are experiencing this painful condition.

            Simply speaking, there are two major types of depression, (1) endogenous or genetic based depression or (2) reactive or a depression brought about by our reaction to situations we face each day. 

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