Guidelines for Writing a Devotional

We welcome you and encourage you to write a devotional to be published on our website. Your life is a unique journey. Nobody has lived quite like you, and sharing some parts of your life may help someone in this world that you would never have the opportunity to meet. Look at the guidelines below on how to write a devotional for us.

Writing a Devotional

The devotional you write will touch people all over the world. It may be read in a mansion in the USA, or possibly a hut in Africa. At the moment it is read, it will have the power to touch the individual focusing on it. This is a great method for making the Bible come alive by using a real life example to illustrate the specific verse that is chosen. By showing how scripture has been applied in your own life, many readers who may not know Christ as their Saviour will be able to relate to you and be better able to apply scripture to their lives. This can provide a challenge, an insight, hope, or encouragement as it connects you with the reader and connects everyone to the Bible. Ultimately, this will help in pointing the world to Jesus Christ.

Notice of Use and Copyright Policies

Please be aware that you send us your writing freely and with no compensation offered. You grant us non-exclusive rights and the right to reuse the writing in any form in the future. Your first name and general location will be the only information attached to your writing when posted on our site. Please do not send items that we cannot legally use such as those published and owned by a third party. Your accepted writing will be posted on our site's devotional page at the scheduled time, and then be placed into our archives for continual availability. There is a comment area associated with your posted devotional that others an opportunity to comment. Comments are currently screened by us.  Also, we may or may not use the writing in any other form at some future date.

The devotional layout should include:

  1. A title: Be creative. Three to four words may be all you need. Short but thoughtful titles are best.
  2. A specific Bible verse: Please state the version of the Bible you are using.
  3. Your devotional: Write a 225-275 word devotional. Your devotional should illustrate how your chosen Bible verse has been applied to your life through a past experience. Be careful not to preach but just honestly show how it has impacted your life. You are not telling people how to live, but showing them. You may write about how this scripture has played out in the life of someone close to you, but please only if you have personal knowledge of the situation. The best devotionals make one major point. Trying to make too many points makes the devotional harder to understand. Devotionals that fall short of 225 words or grow longer than 275 words, but follow the other guidelines above, may still be approved at our discretion. Any quotes you use must be verified before they can be published. We do reserve the right to do some limited editing if we feel it is necessary. Be sure to have someone who is good at punctuation and grammar help you to polish the devotional. Devotionals that are well written, with good punctuation and grammar receive first consideration. It is a tragedy when a good devotional (as far as subject matter and presentation) has poor punctuation and grammar, and is set aside because it requires too much editing. At the end of this paragraph is a link that could help you to improve your writing skills. You could also do a web search on nonfiction writing to find other helpful websites. Information at this link may help you to write better:
  4. A short prayer: This is a great opportunity to praise God and thank Him for working in your life.
  5. Your contact information: Please send us your email address.

You can also scroll down to see an example of a submitted devotional.

Submitting your devotional:

CLICK HERE to submit your devotional.  The devotional can be in MS Word format or simply typed or copied into the email message you send us. Not all devotionals will be used. If we use your devotional, we will email you information about the date that it will be posted. If you wish to know if your devotional will not be used, be sure to tell us so when you email us your devotional. Devotionals can be reworked and sent back to us. Devotionals not used immediately may be used sometime in the future. Devotionals will not be returned so be sure to keep copies and any other records you might need.


The example below is just one person’s way of writing a devotional. You have your own unique way to write so do as your unique personality and experience would lead you.

God is Bigger

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

Several Christian men and myself started a men’s Bible study in 1984. As we learned more about God’s word, we began to challenge one another to put our faith into action. Several years later we found ourselves in the country of Haiti. Our mission was to show that it was possible to drill fresh water wells in South Haiti. The people were drinking out of caves, ponds, and rivers with devastating consequences, especially to the children.

Our small, portable water well drilling equipment and sturdy pumps had preceded us. We had been told by some in Port Au Prince that drilling here was not feasible and our first attempt was a failure. That evening, we were very discouraged, defeated and filled with doubts. Someone began playing a guitar and we all begin to sing some of our favorite hymns. The more we sang the more the hopelessness begin to fade. Inwardly, I put the whole venture into God’s hands. If we were to succeed, it would only be by God’s gracious help.

The next morning I felt refreshed, the heavy weight was gone from my spirit. We did successfully drill a well on that trip. This well was used night and day by thousands of Haitians. Since that time, the Haitians we trained have drilled many more wells providing fresh water for many more thousands of Haitians.

I remember the tears of that night well. I also feel a sense of excitement and well being as I remember the power and success God brought to our mission because we put our whole-hearted trust in the Him.

Kind Father, help us to learn to trust You fully in all of life’s circumstances and find the direction and peace You have promised. Amen.
— John (IN)

Submitting a Devotional