If you are new to Mustard Seed Ministries and wish to receive Bibles, please let us know at  We will send you a signup form that can be emailed back to us.

When you receive your Bibles, please send us a reply that states:
1.  You have received your Bibles in good condition.
2.  If you wish to be sent more Bibles in the future, please write "please put me on the request list to receive Bibles in the future" and show us any changes in your name, email or address [or any other changes].

If you are on our request list below, and the words following you name are changed from WAITING to PROCESS, we have sent the list of Bibles to be shipped this month to Biblica in Nairobi, and you should be receiving your Bibles in the near future.  When you reply that you have received your Bibles, REPLIED will be written next to your name and if you request more Bibles in the future REPLIED - MORE will be posted next to your name. 

 We normally send Bibles at the end of the month, but sometimes we are not able to send them right at the end of the month, or sometimes Biblica cannot ship right away.  PLEASE do not email us if your name is on the list below, you can rest assured that we have not forgotten you and will send the Bibles as soon as we are able.  

God richly bless you, everyone close to you and your ministry.