God’s word is truly good news.

We are a group of committed Christians who are dedicated to illustrating the truths of God's word, the Bible, as accurately as humanly possible.  God's word is truly good news.  It is His message to us, a message of hope that is immensely beneficial to those of us that seek Him with all of our hearts.   

We do not receive salaries at this time, contributing our time to complete His purposes. Our funds come from ourselves and those of you who share our vision.  No administration fees or salaries are taken from these funds allowing us to spend all contributions directly on this ministry.  If you feel moved to join us on this journey, we would appreciate your prayers, comments, participation (e.g. devotionals) and any funds that you feel free to give. Since we are a 501 c3 nonprofit corporation, your contributions are tax deductible.

We invite you to investigate the information we have posted on this website. Please keep an open mind and do not come to a conclusion about what we have written until you have read completely through the articles.

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