• The decisions that we make daily have a crucial impact on our life here and on our eternal destination. We can think of the source of our choices as contained in Life Files deep in our inner man. These files contain who we really are, our thoughts on what life is all about, decisions on how we live our life today, and what we will become. These Files are the foundation of our beliefs and can, therefore, show what kind of life we will live.

  • The Bible says to take every thought captive. That is, to be sure that the thoughts that go into our inner man [Life Files] are God's truth. This can only happen if we choose to have God's Holy Spirit in charge of our inner man and these crucial Files. This book looks at some of our Life Files such as Freedom by Forgiveness, Asking for Forgiveness, Assumptions-Creating Problems, A Servant Spirit-No Greater Calling, Tests-The Seedbed of Growth, Divine Roles, Surrender-Splendor or Despair, True Lasting Happiness, and Spirit Fruit.


  • So appreciate your gift of the inspiring book...Shaping our Life Files God’s Way. Just finished reading it. The book is a refreshing approach to practical living on earth with an eternal perspective. Easy to read, comprehend, and appreciate. Your investment of time and resources speaks well about your treasures in your life. I believe this book has helped me on my journey! I have marked my calendar to read again beginning on February 10, 2020. Sam Habegger

  • I have finished reading this book.  I very much appreciated the perspective that it provided me relative to the Holy Spirits managing our “Live Files”, and how a structured file system properly managed and used enriches the interaction with the Holy Spirit.  I plan on repeating the reading again starting this evening and mining the depths of the insights you offered.

    I appreciate the filing concept.  My brain kind of works that way.  If you saw my filing system on my computer hard drives you would see that I do certainly utilize folder structure.  This book gives me perspective that I have the ability to use the Holy Spirit as my file manager (add necessary folder structure, eliminate excess or unused folders, search for folders I may have buried too deep) in my life’s file folder structure. Very well written. Jerone Rienhard

  • I enjoyed how R.H. Sutter combines solid Bible teaching with thought-provoking stories. All the topics are relevant to our time and the book tackles issues we all had to struggle with or know of someone who is currently grappling with. Eric Swanson

  • Everyone who reads this book will benefit from the encouragement to reassess your approach to relationships and life. It offers relatable examples and insights that will help you unpack some foundational issues in the Christian life and grow in your relationship with God and others." Jonathon & Jill Sutter

  • “This book helped me to better understand the many elements of my own Christian life. Each chapter spoke to me in a personal way." Doug Gerber

  • This editor is impressed with the level of detail included in this manuscript. The author's easy-to-read style combined with abundant supporting detail makes this book useful for a broad range of folks all who likely deal with one or more topics covered within the chapters." Xulon editor


Bob has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Miami, in Miami, Florida, and a master's degree in counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia.
Bob and his wife, Jan, live outside of a small town in Indiana where they have made their home in a loving Christian community.
They have been partners in several businesses that they have owned since they were married. Also, for over 20 years Bob has had a part-time counseling business and has been involved in reaching out to other cultures in various capacities.
Bob and Jan feel that the Lord has blessed them. They have three children and nine grandchildren, and are so appreciative for the Lord's leadership in their lives.
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