P.O BOX 4444

Dear beloved in the Lord, Bob Sutter

Warm greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus  Christ.

I' wish to thank God for the good work He is doing in you and through you to our brothers and sisters in the faith. We thank God for the powerful ministry He has entrusted to you. I' and my congregation are thrilled for the anointed and inspiring messagesand lessons we have been receiving from your Swahili Bibles which we have been borrowing from friends  here in KENYA.  My heart is filled with alot of joy as  I' write to you this letter. Your swahili bibles has been so refreshing , encouraging and rebuking everytime I' go through them 

"As cold water to a thurst soul so is good news from  a far country (Provebs 25:25)

Your Bible Ministry" has made our faith to become stronger, our love for God has increased tremendously.I thank God because through your ministry many eyes (including mine) have been openend so as to see "the riches of his glorious inheritance in us" and also to his love for us.I' want to assure you that I' and my congregation shall never cease praying for you and your family.PLEASE NOTE THESE STATEMENT: I'm a full time pastor who is pastoring two churches in rural areas where most of the people are very poor who cannot afford to buy a bible including myself, we only depend on borrowing bibles from other ministers of the gospel ,  Bro. Bob Sutter, please consider Our Request,God knows your heart man of God !! 

I' therefore kindly take this opportunity to request you some of your Swahili Bibles in quantities for my new believers who have never read Swahili Bibles and they cannot even afford to buy for them self

May the Lord richly bless you and reward you in all you do
In Christ enternal live



 The Swahili Bibles which you have been sending to some of the pastors  here in " kenya" have generated new strength in the converts and in the entire churches as well,your ministry of ( Mustard Seed Ministries )  is one of the most wonderfully ministry in the world,   changing thousands of lives 


 K  I  T  A  L  E, K  E  N  Y  A

We are conducting door to door evangelization,Free Tract distribution,open Air meetings, Street rallies and gospel out door camps and so forth ceaselessly. Beloved Friends, Please pray with us that God will give us seventy Eight copies of complete Swahili Bibles, through what ever avenue he will open   


*Pastor, WILISON   O.  OPILI

For The Last One Two months, I' have been preaching the gospel of peace & salvation across my country kenya through the peace concerts and God Has been with us all  through during this meetings very many people have been getting saved and joining our churches in verious branches ! Praise Lord !!. 

Please assist these young believers with bibles!


* Evangelist. Monica Gill

Here in Pakistan thousands of people who have no their own Bible or could not afford it, that's why they are un-aware about the truth of God. it will be great help for me if your could send me Bible to reach-out the needy people in Pakistan 


*Pastor Ronald

As a pastor from Kenya I am very much eager to see you and to share with you the word of God and I’m very much inspired by your message. As a church pastor I could like to request you to come here in Kisii-Kenya with your team so as to meet with my people and share with them as the Lord directs you. We also need you to teach us and to share with you much.


* John Izebonkor

Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Because it was raining season most  times we would be unable to go to fellowship then we resulted to having  a fellowship in my sitting room. After three weeks of fellowship three  neighbours joined and then more and more people came in. We had about 12  persons in six weeks, it was then I had the calling to start a church  and we moved into a rented car park. In another three months the  fellowship grew to 20 and above. Today there are between 45 and fifty  members in the church. The name of the church is Believers Bible Church.

My major purpose of writing is to seek your help in the area of God’s  word the bible. We have many in our church mostly the elderly ones who  do not have bibles and cannot afford them.