We are a very small group.  We are just like you in that we have families whom we are responsible for and we are concerned about our children and grandchildren.  We have to earn a living to support our families by feeding, clothing and praying for them that they grow up serving our great God. 
           We also have limited time and funds and must spread them over all our other responsibilities. 
            We view this ministry as helping our neighbor with their problems.  As you know, helping your neighbor with their burdens takes a love that only God can provide along with a committed effort to do His will.   We are sure that those of you that love and help your neighbor understand what we are trying to do for you.

1.   Our primary Bible is the Swahili Bible [we buy in bulk and have our logo on the cover].  We inventory them at the Biblica store in Nairobi.  When biblica publishes Bibles for us, they give us their predictions as to when they will have our Bibles, in inventory in Nairobi.  We are all frustrated with delays [in publishing], but they are a fact-of-life.  We will tell you the time that they predict we will have Bibles, but we take no responsibility for their predictions.
       If in your area you do not speak or understand Swahili, and if we can get the Bibles from Biblica we will be willing to send you Bibles in one of the following five languages EKEGUSII, DHOLUO, KALENJIN, KELANJINE or KIKUYU. We will send you 20 Bibles one time. We hope this one-time shipment will help strengthen your congregation.

 2.   Everyone who gets Bibles from us must fill in the “New Ministry Sign-up Sheet” and provide us with a picture of their congregation, a personal testimonial and it is very important that you send a working email address, a working phone number and a valid shipping address - otherwise the shipper will not be able to get ahold of you and you may not get your Bibles. Some of the ministries in the past have not filled in these Sign-up Sheets because we didn’t have them available but now that we have them available, we will also request that these pasted ministries give us the information we need.  We know this may be an inconvenience, but we need the information in our files to serve you better.
When we receive the Sign-up Sheet from the new ministries, we will put them at the bottom of the list for new ministries receiving Bibles and as time goes on, they will move up the list to the top of the list and receive Bibles.  Once your quota is filled [the number of Bibles you have requested], we will remove your name from the list to receive Bibles and keep your name in our files.

 3.  We send 20 Bibles at the end of the each month to 4 to 6 ministries at the top of the list.  New ministries have priority but both lists will receive some Bibles monthly [if we have the Bibles]. We do not send all the Bibles you need at once. We do this so that all ministries receive some Bibles as time goes on. Those with more than 20 Bibles will have to wait to go from the bottom of the list to the top of the list before they receive 20 more bibles.

Our goal is not that we give you all the Bibles you need but that your congregation will get enough Bibles to make a difference. If your ministry does not fit well into the above program we kindly encourage you to search for another Bible Ministry that shares your objectives with our Blessing!
Our personalized Swahili Bibles are on the high seas at this time. Biblica has predicted that they will have them in their inventory sometime in October.
* MUST PROVIDE: You MUST provide us with a working phone number, a working email address and a valid shipping address. Most of you have provided us with adequate information. If the shipping company has a problem with and one of these three you may not get your Bibles. If this should happen we can take no responsibility for providing you with Bibles. Please give us valid information!
* PLEASE on your emails send us the name of your ministry. We file by you ministries name. It takes extra time to search out you ministry when you give us your name only.

070219 [SP,__,60] Blessed Gospel Min - Philip Odongo - dist42/10 Kisw picture sent
081718 [SP,__,60] Hill Top Baptist Ch - Kennedy Musasia - dist 53 KIsw        picture sent
082518 [SP,__,60] Fountain Of Praise Min - Nehemiah Barasa- dist77Klsw  picture sent
090718 [SP,__,80] Taking Jesus Light To Prison - David Kisiero - Klsw           picture sent
111418 [RP,__,40] Nissi Christian Church - Elizabeth Wanjiru - Kisw hold
112818 [SP,__,80] Mt. Camel Gospel Min - Dismas Emogong - Dist64 Kisw picture sent
010319 [SP,__,80] Word of Hope Min - Daniel Kage - Kisw picture sent
011719 [RP,__,40] World Outreach Christian Min - David Matuku - Kisw hold
020119 [SP,__,80] Jesus Power Gospel Min - Odongo George - Kiswk SENT ALL
021119 [SP,S ,60] Assembly of God - Kennedy Mokua Ngima - Kisw picture sent
021119 [SP,__,60] Ambassador for Christ - Fanuel Atoli - Kisw picture sent
022519 [SP,S ,60] New Jerusalem Gospel - Mary Camene - Kisw picture sent
022519 [SP,S ,80] Vision Bearers Gospel - Godfrey Barasa - Kisw picture sent
022719 [SP,S ,60] Hands for Christ - Simon Buchira - Kisw picture sent
022719 [SP,S ,60] Soul Winners - Peter Tarcha - Kisw picture sent
022719 [SP,S ,40] Peace for the World - Ouma Wilford - Kisw picture sent
022819 [SP,S ,80] Omega Gospel - Milker Nangila - Kisw picture sent
031919 [SP, S,80] Hope of Salvation Fellowship - Mathhew Ongere- Kisw picture sent
032119 [SP, S,60] Holy Ground Gospel - Jairus Boge - Kisw picture sent
032219 [SP, S,80] Unity Fellowship Ch - Sammy Malwa - Kisw picture sent
050719 [SP, S,40] Living Rock Ch - Helen Akinyi - Kisw SENT ALL
051519 [SP, S,60] Living Water Ministry - Peter Ndumgu - Kisw SENT ALL
062419 [SP, S,20] Moi’s Bridge Pac Ch-Christine Ongayo KIKUYU sent all
071419 [SP, S,20] Nysrenda - Fellowship - Felix Isaiah Ekegusii SENT ALL
071519 [SP, S,20] Miracle Revival Fellowship - ezekiel Oyoma Dholuo SENT ALL
071719 [SP, S,20] Agrain Wheat - Christine Kwamboka Ekegusii SENT ALL
072619 [SP, S,20] Mount Zion Ch - Ruth Kemunto Swahili SENT ALL
072619 [SP, S,20] C.H.G.C. - Nephecy Nyabasa Ekegusii SENT ALL
080519 [SP, S,30] Nyakorlkoro Bible Study - Sibia Mongina Kwis SENT ALL
080519 [SP, S,20] Bible Standard Min - Ruth Bosire - Ekegusii SENT ALL
080719 [SP,S,100] Salvation Army - Eunice Akoth Omondi - Kwis SENT ALL
080819 [SP, S,20] Boochi Grace Bible - Kevin Nyakundi - Ekegusii SENT ALL
082219 [SP, S,40] Church of God in Christ - Evallyne Akoth - Kwis SENT ALL
082219 [SP, S,20] Nyamarambe Bible Study-Lucyfellah Bwari - Ekegusii SENT ALL
082319 [SP, S,40] A/C Mount Olives - James Rono Kiptoo - Dholuo SENT ALL
090119 [SP, S,100] 7Day Adventist West-Raphael Oduor Onyango - Kwis SENT ALL
090419 [SP, S,80] Wisdom of Christ - Ajula Fredrick - Kwis SENT ALL
090419 [SP, S,80] Wake up Gospel - Musima James - Kwis SENT ALL
091019 [SP, S,20] Bible Defenders - Catherine Atoli - Kalenjin SENT ALL
091319 [SP, S,100] Legio Maria - Dorothy Musembi Agenya- Kwis SENT ALL
091419 [SP, S,20] Destiny Word - Gilbert Omondi - Kalenjin SENT ALL
091819 [SP, S,20] Kalenjin Apostolic - Marieta Zachariah - Kalenjin SENT ALL
091819 [SP, S,20] Eldoret Spiritual Life - David Imbiaka - Dholuo SENT ALL
091919 [SP, S,20] Matunda Christian Fellowship - Okello Willy - Dholuo SENT ALL
091919 [SP, S,20] Free In Christ - Mildred Mukoya - Dholuo - SENT ALL
092819 [SP, S,20] Redeemed Ch - Caroline Atieno Ouma - Kalenjin SENT ALL
093019 [SP, S,20] Itare Fellowship - Willis Mokaya Oruru - Ekegusii SENT ALL
100919 [SP, S,60] Church on the Rock - Samwel Kebata - Kwis SENT ALL
101019 [SP, S,40] Faith Builders - Mukoya Mildred - Kwis SENT ALL
101019 [SP, S,20] Matagaro Ch. Fellowship - Pius Orina - Ekegusii SENT ALL
101219 [SP, S,20] Jesus Power Gospel 2 - Kamau Lilian - Kikuyu SENT ALL
101619 [SP, S,20] One Way To Heaven - Wanjala Jairos - Kikuyu SENT ALL

121517 [SP,S,80] God's Embassy Ministry-Ezekiel Onyango-Swahili-     SENT ALL -50
121517 [SP, S ,80] Power Gospel Church-Martin Leakey-Swahili-           SENT ALL - 25        
122017 [SP,S,8D] House of Faith Ministries-Peninah Wangare-Swahili-  SENT ALL-50
122917 [SP,S,20] Kenya Ev Outreach-Gilbert Wekesa KIanyangi-Swa- SENT ALL 25 
030118 [SP, S,40]*Fishers of Men - Naomi Odongo - Swahili -              SENT ALL -25
040119 [SP,__,20] Chrisco Ch - Nicholas Ogutu - Swahili                 sent picture-25
 042218 [SP, ,60] Liberty Gospel Singers - Isaya Ochieng Aran - Kisw -picture sent - 25      
040118 [ RP, ,40] Word of Faith Ministry - Zedrick Ongute - Swahili -    HOLD picture needed - 25 
060118 [SP, ,80] Seekers of His Face - Joseph Ooko - Dist33-Kisw -      picture sent - 35
080118 [SP, ,70] Word Of Grace Min - Allan Bwire - Kiswahili -          picture sent - 25
090120 [SP, , ] Living Water Ministry - Peter Ndungu - Swah                SENT ALL - 25
100120 [SP, ,60] Baringo Church of Christ - Marvin Odale - Kiswahili  picture sent - 25
110120 [SP, ,80] Catch The Fire Ch - Nathaniel Omino - Kiswahili -        picture sent - 25
010519 [RP, ,50] Voice of Salvation & Healing-James Imanyara-Swahilipicture & email needed - 50  
011019 [SP, ,50] Light of the World Min - Johnstone Ekesa - Kisw -         picture sent - 25
011019 [SP, ,80] Voice of the Nations Ch - Joseph Obong'o - Kisw -      picture sent - 25

122917 [ , ,] United Pentecostal Church-Martin Wanjala-SwahiliSENT ALL 20-70
020118 [ , ,] Wells Of Life Gospel-John Ogema-Swahili-                SENT ALL 40
020118 [ , ,20] Gospel FlamesMin - John SikukuMutoro-Swahili-    SENT ALL “150  
020118 [ , ,20]Victory Church of Christ-Emmaculate Tanga-Swahili-SENT ALL “130
030118 [ , ,20]*Wings of Life Min - Francis O. Okida - Swahili -     SENT ALL “140 
040118 [ , ,] Faith Tabernacle Church - Patrick Mutanda - Swahili -  SENT ALL 40
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100118 [ , , ] *Wells Of Life Ministry - Godfrey Wafula  - Kisw      SENT ALL 40

090118 [RP, ,40] Christ Co-worker Fel - Abdi Guyo - Kisw -      [hold - picture congregation] - 25 
021319 [RP,__,80] Kenya Assemblies of God - Samuel Waithaka - Kisw [hold -picture,phone #,testimonial]
013019 [RP,__,40] Life Harvest Church - Peter Obao - Kisw [hold- new signup]
011219 [SP,__,80] Redemption Life Church - John Odale - Kisw [hold - new signup]
121517 [ , ,] El Shaddai Church-Shadrack Kiragu Nguni-Swahili-      hold 75 [signup]
122917 [ , ,] Africa Gospel Mission-Irene Nakayenze-Swahili-         hold 75 [signup]
020118 [ , ,] Halleluyah Outreach Church-Monica Wacera-Swahili-hold 75 [signup]
040118 [ , ,] Faith Builders Min - Mildred Mukoya - Swahili -          hold 75 [signup]