If you are new to Mustard Seed Ministries and wish to receive Bibles please let us know at  We will send you a signup form that can be emailed back to us.

If you are on our request list below, and the words following you name are changed from WAITING to PROCESS we have sent the list of Bibles to be shipped out to Biblica in Nairobi and you should be receiving you Bibles in the near future.  When you reply that you have received your Bibles, REPLIED will be written next to your name and if you request more Bibles in the future REPLIED - MORE will be posted next to your name. 

When you receive your Bibles please send us a reply that states:
1.  You have received your Bibles in good condition.
2.  If you wish to be sent more Bibles in the future please write "please put me on the request list to receive Bible in the future" and show us any changes in your name, email or address [or any other changes].

If for some reason we have not received your reply, we will put your name at the bottom of this page "AWAITING REPLY THAT BIBLES WERE RECEIVED".  If we have received your email that you have received your Bibles but have not requested more Bibles we will put your name at the bottom of the page under "RECEIVED BIBLES IN THE PAST - PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU DESIRE MORE BIBLES" 

 We normally send Bibles at the end of the month but sometimes we are not able to send them right at the end of the month or sometimes Biblica cannot ship right away.  PLEASE do not email us if your name is on the list below, you can rest assured that we have not forgotten you and will send the Bibles as soon as we are able.  

God richly bless you, everyone close to you and your ministry.

5/4/2017 ---*-- Fishers of Men - Naomi Odongo ----------------------------- replied-more
6/7/2017   ---- Upendo Outreach Ministries - John Njoni ---------- ---------  replied-more
6/7/2017 ----- Riverside Christian Church - KAREN ADHIAMBO------------ replied-more
6/7/2017 --*--- WINGS OF LIFE MINISTRY - FRANCIS O. OKIDA -------- replied-more
6/7/2017 ------ Faith Tabernacle Church - Patrick Mutanda ------------------ WAITING
7/10/2017  ---- Fairview Baptist Church - Sharon Muhindi ------------------- WAITING
7/10/2017 ---- Goodnews Church - Elizabeth Rono ---------------------------WAITING
7/10/2017---- Faith Builders - Mildred Mukoya --------------------------------WAITING  
7/10/2017----- Power Gospel - Joseph Okida ----------------------------------WAITING
8/3/2017 ------- Fishers Of Men - Caroline Nanyama ------------------------ WAITING
8/01/2017-- ----Project 1;27 - Tonny Isaland -----------------------------------WAITING
8/01/2017------ Liberty Revival - Job Mwahee --------------------------------- WAITING
9/08/2017 ------ Evangelical Bible - Francois Odongo -----------------------WAITING
9/08/2017------- Living Word Ministry - James Wanyama ------------------ WAITING
9/08/2017 ------- Agape Gospel Ministry - Michael Tanga ----------------- WAITING
10/07/2017 -------- Hope Restoration - John Njoni --------------------------- WAITING
10/08/2017 ------ Living Water Church of God - Fredrick Odianga ---------WAITING
10/09/2017------- Christain Revival - Catherine Awino ------------------------WAITING
10/09/2017-------- Living Water Ministry - Peter Mwangi --------------------WAITING
11/07/2017 ------- Wells Of Life Ministry - Godfrey Wafula ----------------- WAITING
11/07/2017 ------- God's Power Ministry - Jairus Nyongesa ---------------- WAITING
11/08/2017 ------ Light House Gospel Ministry - Regina Odongo -----------WAITING
11/08/17-Rural Evangelistic Church-Ruth                          waiting                                     Nyansakia Fellowship Church-Richard       waiting
12/15/17-El Shaddai Church-Shadrack Kiragu                  waiting
12/15/17-God's Embassy Ministry-Ezekiel              waiting 
12/15/17-Power Gospel Church-Martin                            waiting                 
12/20/17-House of Faith Ministries-Peninah             waiting  
12/29/17 -Africa Gospel Mission-Irene                 waiting
12/29/17-United Pentecostal Church-Martin                    waiting
12/29/17-Church on The Rock-David Oduor                         waiting
12/29/17-Kenya Ev Outreach-Gilbert Wekesa                 waiting
12/29/17-Revival Gospel Ministries-Wilson                                 waiting
01/05/18-Voice of Salvation & Healing-James          waiting
02/01/18-Wells Of Life Gospel-John                                 waiting
02/01/18-Gospel FlamesMinistry-John                                waiting
02/01/18-Halleluyah Outreach Church-Monica        waiting
02/01/18-Victory Church of Christ-Emmaculate           waiting                



NEW MINISTRY FOR EOM [end of month]
03/08/18-Church of Christ-James Obita                     EOM
03/10/18-Word of Faith Ministry-Zedrick                          EOM